Express Success

Learm to improve your skills to be a professional!

One day adnvanced course with practical work on models.

You will learn:

-Quickly and efficiently remove artificial coating without damaging the nail surface

-Ideal nail shaping form

-Correct base installation for the nail plate

-Cut the cuticle clean and safely

-Learm to indetify which cuticle should not be removed

-Complete architechture and aligment

-Introducing the condition of chemical base coats and top coats to achieve 100% material wear

-Perfectly smooth coating, strenghtening and restoration of weak nails

-Setting up hands and lights for the final photo to showcase your work

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First Step Course

Day 1: Theory

1. Workstation organization

2. Masters presentation

3. Disinfection of tools and instruments

4. Nail structure

5. Introduction and awareness of nail diseases

6. Nail's natual shapes

7. Nail shaping

8. Manicure types- classic, hardware, and combined

9. Hardware machine and bits intro

10. Hardware polish removal practice

Day 2: Hand On Education

1. Demonstrations of manicure

2. Hands on practice

3. Introduction to base types

4. Aligments

5. Polish application

6. Top application with extra alignment

7. Photo skills

Day 3: Model

1. Classic manicure: model at 10:30 AM

2. Hardware manicure: model at 2:30 PM

3. French and foundational designs

Day 4: Certification

1. Final exam on model

2. Certfication 

Contact us for morre information: 646-398-8353 or