CVS Lift Facial by Biologique Recherche

After purifying the skin, this facial redefines and contours the skin providing instant lifting effects. If your goal is to have luminous, firm and toned skin, this facial is your go-to! 

75 minutes - $325

PIGM 400 Facial by Biologique Recherche

Designed to target pigmentation appearance. Preventing and reducing the appearance of existing pigment spots. This facial gives you an immediate brightening complexion while transforming and preventing dark spots. Leaving your skin with a glowing complexion. 

75 minutes - $385

Sebo-Regulating Facial by Biologique Recherche

Ultimate deep cleansing treatment. For seborrheic or acne prone skin with dilated pores. This facial unclogs your pores to allow your skin the ability to intake hydration to soothe and restore the skin. Your face will feel refreshed and regenerated. 

75 minutes - $350

Second Skin Facial by Biologique Recherche

The Second Skin Facial is targeted for mature skin. The skin is visibly smoother and leaves your skin with an effortless lift. Using ultra doses of hyaluronic acid and antioxidant plant extracts, giving your skin the perfect amount of moisture your skin needs to function properly and feel comfortable. This is super regenerating and reconditioning which provides you with plump and radiant skin, making you look and feel ageless. 

60 minutes - $365

Soin Lissant Facial by Biologique Recherche

A treatment designed to provide long-lasting hydration while renewing and protecting your skin. This facial gives restructuring dimension with BRs signature sculpting movements. 

75 minutes - $325

Triple Lift Facial by Biologique Recherche

An excellent resculpting treatment which targets firming, toning and strengthening the skin. The Tripe Lift Facial smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and refines the skin texture. This facial is best for someone looking to smooth out the texture of their skin while maintaining the skin's youth capital.

75 minutes - $450

VIP O2 Hydro Facial By Biologique Recherche

This purifying treatment relaxes your features and leaves you with beautiful glowing skin. During this facial, your skin's pores will tighten and your epidermis will reoxygenate, giving you a bright and unified complexion. 

75 minutes - $350

Gilded Signature Glow Facial by Biologique Recherche

During this signature custom facial, your esthetician will evaluate your skin to create the perfect regime for your skin's needs to have the perfect glow. This facial is ultra hydrating, lipid replenishing, protective and a restorative facial. For dehydrated and lipid deficient skin. Rebuilds and Strengthens the intraepidermal lipids to provide you with a refreshed and glowing skin tone. 

75 minutes - $325

Add-On Services

  • Patchs Defatigantst $60
    • Anti-Puffiness Eye Mask 
  • PGM400 Treatment $65
    • Brightening and Radiance Booster Mask
  • Platysma Treatment$70
    • Facial Contour Mask for Anti-Sagging Solution
  • Lotion MC Booster $75
    • Exfoliating and Plumping Treatment
  • VIP 02 Treatment $85
    • Oxygenating and Brightening Booster
  • CVS Lift Treatment $85
    • Ultra Purifying Booster Treatment 
  • Soin Lissant Treatment $85
    • Ultra Hydrating Booster Treatment
  • Masque Biologique Féerie - Face and Neck $85
    • Collagen Mask
  • Masque Biologique Féerie- Face $65
    • Collagen Mask
  • Bio-Sculpt Machine $95
    • Purifying and Contour Facial Treatment