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We believe in the art of beauty and it’s our mission to provide you with a golden experience of soul, elegance and luxury. We think of beauty, not as a casual routine, but a gilded ritual of thoughtful planning, glamorous pampering and relaxing privacy. Gone are the days of loud music or salon chatter. We’ve curated an elegant experience with private rooms, soothing sounds and an array of top-notch products sourced from around the globe.

Our team has worked carefully to create an immersive relaxation experience for each of our guests and I feel so honored to provide you with the best in class for customer service and beauty. Our rigorously trained manicurists and beauty specialists draw freely from quality standard practices, as well as edgy influencer trends that accommodate the needs of our high-end, often celebrity clientele. Gilded Ritual experts will offer you the best beauty practices in care and design, so you can confidently face the world.

Gilded Ritual is more than just a high-end beauty bar. We’re a close-knit circle of community and we tend to know our clients by name. We pay attention to our followers online and we treat our guests with the utmost respect. We know that being part of the GR family is a sacred experience and so we vow to do our best with each visit to caress your soul, provide an elegant backdrop and serve you with luxury at every turn. We support your beauty and wellness.

Thank you for you continued support.

Stay Golden



Golden Experience

classic beauty

We don’t chase trends – we are the trend. Classic is never outdated. From French tips to natural pinks, we incorporate classic beauty with new styles to offer our clients a fresh take on timeless elegance.

long-lasting care

There’s nothing worse than visiting the salon and ruining your nails in a couple days. We focus on long-lasting care between each visit and even offer subscriptions so you can keep your beauty on schedule.

rich colour

We source our products globally from Christina Fitzgerald to local beauty artisans. Our pigments are rich from natural and nude tones to deep, luxurious hues.

elegant vibe

Our vibe is elegance and we keep it calm and private for our guests. From private rooms to soothing spa sounds, the Gilded Ritual experience is curated with relaxing vibrations and a posh aesthetic.




Gilded Ritual is a full-service, therapeutic nail bar located in the heart of Tribeca. We’re here to provide you with an integrative approach to manicures and full hand treatment, pedicures and beauty services – including soulful rest. Our professionals can help you achieve your beauty goals, create elegance in the midst of chaos and help you feel your luxurious best.

Our expert staff of manicurists and beauty professionals can help you establish a healthy nail and skincare routine in a lush atmosphere featuring private rooms and semi-private areas. The ease and relaxation you’ll find at Gilded Ritual will allow you to feel all the pleasures of sumptuousness city living.

The uniqueness of Gilded Ritual is built on our three-tiered standard of tranquility: providing refreshing top-notch services to exclusive clientele, ritualizing treatments with perfected craftsmanship and holistic care and realigning ourselves with safety protocols.