What is a Russian Manicure?

5 convincing facts about russian manicure

Did you know that the concept of "Russian manicure" exists only in the US? Only here both "Russian" and "American" are completely different types of manicures with their own characteristics.

We think you know everything about “American” manicure. It's time to talk about “Russian” one. Why is it so famous? What's so good about it? And why do Russian masters take up to 1.5 hours instead of 30 minutes? 🤯

Let's go! 5 facts about Russian manicure:

1) “Russian” manicure isn’t only about the application of the gel. It is a huge process during which master builds an architecture of a nail, removes cuticles and brings every millimeter of the nail to an ideal state. Therefore, the procedure is a bit longer - about 1.5 hours.

2) During “Russian” manicure, the master may ask you to turn your hand so that the gel polish lays down smoothly without any flaws - this is completely normal and is done exclusively to make your nails perfect.

3) With “Russian” manicure, your treatment will last 1-2 weeks longer; it's all because of the coating under the cuticle

4) After “Russian” manicure, your nails will not break and the gel polish will maintain its quality. We aim for a long-term result.

5) “Russian manicure” is all about beauty, neatness, perfection; the embodiment of absolutely any client's wish. Be sure to try it! 🥰

Now...what type of manicure do you want?