NYC Wedding Editor, Esther Lee, joined us for a Russian Manicure!

Esther Lee, a New York City Wedding Editor, joined us for a Russian Manicure. Top Master, Olga, was honored to service Esther, with precision, for her first experience with us at Gilded Ritual. 

Our Spa Director, Emma Eskander, was able to sit down with Esther and ask Esther a few personal well-being questions. Take a look below!


What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care, to me, is an active term. It involves preparation, discipline, rest and gratitude. It’s being intentional with my time, and actively maintaining and protecting my inner peace—so that I can do everything else in life to the best of my ability (i.e. loving my family and friends, prioritizing my goals, and maintaining high standards to level up, again and again). 

(Aside from Gilded Ritual) what was the best wellbeing experience you have ever had?
This is so tough to answer because I prioritize my wellbeing… and of course I adore Olga’s Russian manicure at Gilded Ritual. Most of my go-to wellbeing experiences are, quite honestly, found in this neighborhood since it’s where my daily rituals take place. Examples include sweating through hot vinyasa flows at YogaSpark or connecting with my core at SLT. After, I’ll typically pick up a smoothie at JuicePress and do something for myself: it could be as simple as picking up flowers at Whole Foods, scheduling a massage, or getting my nails done at Gilded. Oh—and when it hits the 50s, my default wellbeing activities involve running along the Hudson or riding a CitiBike up and down the Westside Highway bike path. I find all of these activities incredibly soothing and cathartic; full of breakthroughs, in fact, which is common when I’m in a wellbeing state of mind.

What self-care advice do you have for women in 2022?
Spend your time wisely. I used to feel like I was in a hamster wheel, especially pre-pandemic, until I had the opportunity to experience life differently. I discovered aspects of myself and my lifestyle that I adored; others that no longer served me, and I exercised what was best for me. (And yes, this “best” involves eating a pint of Van Leeuwen’s honeycomb ice cream and binging K-dramas.) So my self-care advice is this: You don’t have to be it all. You simply have to be yourself and prioritize that accordingly. So much good comes from a place of calm confidence.