Karen Giberson for Gilded Ritual

 We had the pleasure of treating Karen Giberson, the President of Accesories Council, to our signature Russian Manicure.  Our Top Master technician, Olga, had the privilage of transforming Karen's nails with a perfect detail oriented gel manicure.

Our Spa Director, Emma Eskander, was able to sit down and have a chat with Karen.  Here are the quesitions she asked:

*   What does self-care mean to you?

Taking time out to do something good for my body, mind or spirit.  I try to do something for myself every day, even if it’s just taking a walk. I also believe in eating a healthy lunch. My life can become so busy with meetings and travel, but I don’t forget to nourish myself. I am always in search of the perfect salad. I love that healthy plant-based  foods are trending in New York. They have become the new fast food in this city.

 *   Does this mean something different to you during NYFW?

I find that during NYFW, or any busy time, it’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself, too many days of eating on the run, over scheduling and deadlines can quickly get me run down.  I try to schedule in workouts and pick-me-ups like manicures or blow outs, and get a good night’s sleep. It is unfortunate that during the pandemic we let some of these self-care practices go by the wayside. Personal care experiences are so important. And it’s great to see the fashion and beauty industries booming again! New York will never lose its sense of style and it has been a joy to have a leadership role in celebrating this vibrant part of New York culture.

 *   (Aside from Gilded Ritual) what was the best wellbeing experience you have ever had?

My favorite wellbeing experience was spending a few days at Canyon Ranch. Candidly, I was delighted to simply turn off my cell phone. But I also enjoyed the programming and benefited from trying new exercise classes and the healthy menus. Since trips like that are rare, sometimes just getting a blowout can help me relax. I leave feeling good and looking good.  (Or at least better than if I do it myself!) 

 *   What self-care advice do you have for women in 2022?

You need to schedule time for yourself every week and respect that commitment as you would any other meeting.  If you are feeling your best, you will be better able to give the best to everyone around you. Sometimes professional women focus so much on their roles of leadership that we forget about our own needs. These small acts of personal care are a gentle reminder of your self-worth—inside and out.


Pictured above is our Top Master Technician Olga giving Karen our signature Russian Manicure in one of our private manicure rooms.